Tips For a great Fair

Before The Day

•Help to spread the word about the event. The more people that know, the better chance you have of making money from your stall.

•Advertise the event on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If there is a flyer, post it on your profile.

•Hand Flyers out to family & friends. Display in your vehicle window  or any where  you think it will be seen.

You can print off the flyer from the events page. or ask for some of our printed flyers.


•Use a formula to work out the pricing of your items   this example comes from the Crafty superstar

material costs + labour cost (what you would like to be paid per hour divided or multiplied by time taken to make) multiply this by two to give you your Final price

•Label items clearly.

•You could offer a discount Buy 2 Get 1 free

•You don't want to undersell yourself or out price yourself so check what similar items are going for.

Setting Up

•Organization is key

•Make yourself a Check list

•Make sure you take a float with enough change.

•Pen & paper to take notes/ names & addresses /orders.

•Something  to keep your money in.

•Mirror to show people how they look in your items

•Make sure you are organised when you pack for the event. This will make set up easier.



•Use cloth to cover your table. Plain is best so as not to detract from your products.

•Use height to give your stall some depth. This will make your stall interesting and more appealing. There are some lovely easy to use shelves at a certain Swedish shop

•Don't over clutter your stall. Refill your stock as necessary

•Keep items in reach.

•If your items are made to order,  a photo album of past work is a good idea

•Do a trial run at home (tables are normally 6ft by 2ft)


•Add your logo to your packing

•Offer bags and gift boxes.

•Place a business card in the bag


•Use the day to advertise your business.

•Offer leaflets explaining your services.

•Have business cards on your stall (customers may not always buy on the day)

•Banners  are a great way to attract people to your stall.


•Make sure all banners are secure.

•If you are using height on your stall, make sure they are safe from tipping over.

•No loose wires. These can be a trip hazard.

•Make sure all boxes are neatly put under the table to avoid tripping.

Packing up

•When packing up ,don't just throw everything in a box .

•Pack everything so it is ready for your next event. This will make life easier next time.

•Check your Cloth for spills and wash and iron if needed. pack it back in your event box so as not to forget it.


On the Day

Don't hide behind your stall with your head in your phone, a friendly Hello and a smile go along way  to engaging potential customers.

Make sure items are clearly priced.

If you can personalise an item or make in a different colour advertise the fact somewhere on your stall .

But Most of all enjoy the day.